I didn’t think….

“When will people finally realize that words can cut just as deeply as any blade.” anonymous

A couple days ago I posted a blog about being betrayed and lied to. I went off quite a bit in it not really thinking about the consequences or what I was saying. I just didn’t think…..

My friend’s mom with whom I’m angry/sad/hurt at came by my work tonight to grab a few of her daughter’s things and to bring me back something that the daughter had of mine and she made a really good point. I can’t take back things that I’ve said. I didn’t realize the mom, whom I love dearly, had been reading this. Which meaning, the daughter probably had too. I feel horrible for the things I said. Not about him, but about my friend. I mean horrible. So, I texted her and told her I was sorry for the things I had said about her in my blog, that it was an immature thing to do, and I just wasn’t thinking when I posted it. Once again, I am so sorry. She didn’t deserve all that. I’m not in high school still where drama seemed to explode around me. I deleted those two blog entries for that reason. Yes, I know this is MY blog and I should be able to say whatever I want and whenever I want too, but if I read the things I had wrote and it was directed towards me, I would be so upset and as upset as I am with her, I don’t want her to be hurt worse by my angry, immature words.

I know how bad words hurt me so I should’ve known better. The ex was kind of verbally abusive. He just didn’t care what he said and there was times that I would’ve rather had him hit me than say the things he said. It was hard. Words do hurt badly. 

So, onto another completely different subject, one of my oldest and dearest friends, Penny Bagel, and I have been making craft projects for a long time now. We were getting together every Monday to make something different. I’m not sure what happened, but for at least 2 months we hadn’t gotten together. Ah, I have missed her. Anyway, last night we decided to make coasters, but I stole the idea from another older, dear friend K Money, from her phone call earlier.  So, Penny Bagel and I went to Lowe’s and bought 8 white tiles for .16 a piece. Then we went back to her house after stopping at the gas station for a Fountain Dew, Fountain DP, smokes, and some lottery tickets. We quickly exited the gas station as fast as we could because some weird guys came in singing. I mean WEIRD dudes. We laughed the whole way home about them.  So, anyway the coasters: I picked out what kind of scrap booking paper I wanted, and of course it was bright colors. We cute out the squares, spray glued them on, super glued the edges, and then sprayed a ton of adhesive on them. They look pretty awesome, as you can tell from the picture, and I can’t wait to try them out tonight. I’m going to make more for my roommate to match her living room. Love, love, love them! If you want to know how I did it, message me and I will give you step by step directions. Really easy and cheap. I’m pretty sure a lot of people at Christmas are going to get these. 🙂


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