Made Some Changes!

I have made some changeswhen it comes to my blog. I have actually made another blog just for my story. I know some of you didn’t care about my personal life and were just following me for my story, so I have made another blog and if you would like to only follow that then I would understand. I deleted Chapter 2 from this blog and will start the other blog with Chapter 2.

Here’s the link:

So, I think I’m almost ready to forgive my friend. I miss the shit out of her. I didn’t think I would ever miss someone this much, but I do. I want my friend back and I really, really wish it never would’ve happened. I wish I never would’ve gotten mad. I wish we could’ve sat down and talked about it, but no I saw black, which is bad, and flipped out.  And I lost one of the most important people in my life.  I don’t have anyone to be completely stupid with and didn’t care. I don’t have anyone to play “nail salon” with or to yell at for stealing my green skittles, which by the way are my favorite. I’m just REALLY sad without her in my life. But I won’t be friends with him ever again. It doesn’t even hurt that I’ve lost him either. He isn’t on my list of favorite people anymore.

How do I even begin to fix a relationship/friendship that was broken in 10 minutes? And how do I fix it knowing she’s still with him, knowing she’s going to want to talk about it with me? Am I a bad friend if I don’t want to hear it? Or is that just a stupid suggestion? How can I ask that of her?

UGH! I just want things to go back to the way they were before I got mad. I hate this.Man, I miss her so much!!!!! This is really starting to suck some major monkey balls. Has anyone just had that friend that gets you?



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