Almost just too much…..

Chaos. Chaos. Chaos.

That’s what is going through my head. A lot of fucking chaos. Its too the point to where I don’t sleep. Maybe 3-4 hours every two days, and then the 3rd night I end up sleeping almost 12 hours to get caught up. It’s becoming ridiculous. I’ve been taking melatonin and it hardly works these days.

I’m going to post another post later on in the day about whats been going on an hopefully, I can get caught up on the blogs I’m so behind on. And believe me my next post is going to be super long. I have lots to write about.

♥ Kirsten


One thought on “Almost just too much…..

  1. You and I are one in the same. I sincerely hope you get through this. This might sound weird coming from a complete and total stranger, but you’ll be in my prayers. Just keep on keeping on and I’ll do the same 🙂

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