Things Could Be Worse…

ImageFor the most part, I fully believe that life gets better and things in life will get better, but lately life has been throwing me some good ones. This past year has probably been one of the hardest years of my entire life, but also good in the fact of finding who I truly am has came about. I feel like doing cartwheels when I think about all the things that I have accomplished since last year and it makes me happy. 🙂

ImageI’m still going to college, which has become a blessing in disguise to be honest. I’ve moved in with my parents this past year due to falling so far behind that I just could not live on my own anymore without making it worse. So, I broke down and moved back home at the age of 31. Guess how hard that was/is! I try and look on the bright side of this, and so far the bright side is that a} I’m becoming closer with my family again. Something I didn’t realize was getting so bad, b}I’m saving up more money, okay I’m trying to, and c} I’m actually becoming more of an adult instead of the wild teenager I was or have been in the past. Guess it’s time for me to grow up.

ImageA couple weeks ago, a great man was killed in a freak accident. My Papa, Richard Kurtz was going across the road to grab the dog that had run across the street. On his way back across the road, an older gentleman hit him, killing my papa and the dog instantly. My Papa was an amazing person full of orneriness and love. He wasn’t my real grandpa, but the moment my parents got married, he took us in as his actual grandchildren and loved us like we were his own. The cool thing that’s came out of this is that the story was on the news, then a paper in New York, United Kingdom, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. picked up the story and wrote amazing articles about him. I know he’s shaking his head up in Heaven and laughing at the idea that he became famous for a little while. It also makes me feel better knowing that when he got to Heaven, my Nana was waiting there for him with open arms. This has been really hard for my whole family. Everyone loved him completely and immensely.

257[1] My love life is non-existent to a point. I do have quite a few boys/men that I talk to or hang out with, but nothing serious with any of them, even though I’d really like to be with one of them. His name will not be released, but I will call him “One“. I dated him in high school and things just didn’t work out, and then I dated him again when my ex and I broke up for awhile, and now that I’m single he just seems to pop into my life at the most random times. We actually went out the other night and had dinner. Then we went to this lake and just sat there laughing and talking. It was AMAZING! I don’t get to do that with very many people, but with him I’m just so comfortable and I want him sooooooooooooooooooo bad to be mine, so everyone cheer for this to happen. He’s a tad wild and always has been which was something I liked about him so much when we were younger, but I think I scare him because he’s gonna have to settle down some and I don’t think he knows how to handle that. But I’m going to get what I want. It’s going to happen! 🙂

Well this entry has been pretty long so I will just end it here.



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