Who I am!

I’m 30 years old.
K-Money, Penny Bagel, and my Seeeester are my best friends.
I’m going to be a novelist.
Dr. Pepper = Love
I hate pain.
I’ll admit it, I like to look at girls!
I like to bite, A lot.
Diets suck!
People who complain should be slapped.
I love escaping reality because reality sucks a whole bunch

I’m a HUGE book nerd.
Vampires turn me on.
So do tattoos.
And piercings.
I HATE confrontation!! I avoid it at all costs.
I hate drama and the people that surround themselves.
Exclamation marks are awesome!!!!
I’ve been to too many concerts to keep track!
I pee a lot, especially when I’m drinking.
I know I am fantastic.
I smoke way too much, but I love it.
I’m deathly afraid of dinosaurs!
I love video games!
Once your on my bad side, you’ll NEVER be on my good side again, so don’t even try!
Tigers and Giraffes are my favorite animal.
I hate the cold, but I love how beautiful the snow is.
I love posting pictures and taking them.
Being in them is another story.
Music is what I live for.
I do talk to some of my enemies just to piss them off.
It doesn’t hurt when people pull my hair…..
I actually like it.
People say they think I have ADHD….
I just get sidetracked easily.
I have over 25 fairies.
I have 6 tats!
I have this obsession with immortality.
It amazes me.
Papa Roach is my favorite band!!
Theory Of A Deadman and Shinedown is in close second with Breaking Benjamin and Ron Pope.
The woman race drives me nuts.
If I don’t wear make-up I feel naked.
I’m a grammar Nazi!
No regrets.
I’m addicted to The Vampire Diaries, Switched At Birth, and Glee.
I can not stand it when people run from something that could’ve been great.
I like to take chances.
And I’ve only had my heart broken once that has completely destroyed me!
I would love to learn how to play the piano.
Or the drums!
Or even the guitar!
I am addicted to costume jewelry!
Big earrings make me happy!
And so do bracelets.


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