Ah, what a wonderful view….

This weekend I could breathe. Actually, breathe. It was amazing what a little fresh air could do for one person. What a little closeness to nature could do for you. The day started out rainy and dreary, but the more the day progressed it turned into a beautiful day, as you can see from the picture I’ve taken. I enjoyed the day with compassion in my heart and not for just the day, but whom I spent the day with. “one” surprised me by showing up out of nowhere, meeting my father, and then sweeping me away to a day of driving, laughing, and lots and lots of flirting. Oh, and eye contact, which I’m really bad at. We ended up snuggled on the couch watching a movie, but he is so extremely sexy. Everything about him. The way he smiles, walks, and even smokes his cigarette is hot. I’ve got it bad. Really bad. He’s a mess and I want to fix him. I know it isn’t really possible to fix him, but I’m gonna try my damnedest to make this happen. He will be mine whether he likes it or not. Muah ha ha aha haha! 

Taken at a friend's house

Taken at a friend’s house


I am back!!!!!

It’s taken me awhile to build up the courage to get back on here and put my thoughts down for the world to see. A very long time. Almost a year has gone by or maybe longer since I last posted something. It makes me very happy to see that people who I was following are still on here and posting things still. This post won’t be too long because I’m tired and have to work tomorrow, but I just wanted to say I’M BACK PEOPLE!!!!!  I will probably post another post later today about what’s been going on. Now that one may be pretty long, so you’d have to bare with me.

♥ Kirsten